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Underpinning of Modern Society
It’s not an exaggeration that data structure is one of the core underpinnings of modern society.
A modern society is very knowledge rich and information driven. Planning, communication, logistics, design, simulation, amongst other things rely heavily on effective storage and retrieval of the right information at the right time. Data structure is that mathematical foundation that lets us do just that.
Tree-like data structures such as B-trees let us search data efficiently. Hash maps let us store and retrieve objects in practically constant time. Still more let us render graphics quickly and compress data files effectively.
Without them, we’d be indistinguishable from a Kardashev Type 0.5 civilization.
Which is why we should celebrate them with these data structure collectible cards!
Data Structure cards.
Data Structure cards.
A deck of 36 carefully curated data structures, they come complete with artisanal hand-crafted diagrams, space and time complexities, and thoughtfully written descriptions to give you the much needed refresher for your interview/exam studies.
Printed on luxurious linen card stocks typically reserved for cardistry magicians with protective lamination, these decks are destined to be a hit amongst the computer science connoisseurs. It’d look great sitting on your desk, or on your shelf.


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