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I've got this idea for a card game brewing for a while, which I'm going to call Segfault!, exclamation mark included.
But why? Hold on. I'll get to that in a minute.
My first attempt at designing a data structure based card game.
My first attempt at designing a data structure based card game.
So how this game works is you have one player (let's call them P1) draw cards from a pile and use them (e.g pointer and structs) to construct a data structure. Somewhere in this data structure is a secret. The other player (P2) plays cards (e.g dereference and pointer offset) that would trace a path through this data structure with the goal of arriving at the secret. If this player dereferences an invalid address, the first player would yell Segfault!
Some other ideas I have for this game:
  • Under certain conditions, a player can play multiple sets of cards simultaneously, effectively simulating multithreading.
  • There can be side effect cards, such as overclocking, underclocking, cosmic bit flip, thread priority inverter, buffer overflow, cache hit, etc to accelerate / impede a player's progress.
  • Throw in some complex data structure cards so player wouldn't have to construct one from scratch, e.g Binary Tree card, circular linked list card, etc.
  • Player P1 could alter their data structure on the fly when certain conditions are met, so P2 can't rely on the possibility that the path stays constant.
  • There can be multiple players competing to uncover P1's secret.
That said, I'm busy with the Data Structures deck at the moment. Soon as I'm done with it, I'll continue fleshing out this one. We'll see how it goes!
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